FOO - Field of Optimal Origin



Creation of Richness

It is our abiding goal to create a place that embodies a richness.
We believe that a carefully deliberated design enriches the quality of life regardless of changing values
of the times.

Experiences of uplifting feelings and ultimate comfortness...We aim to create a place of richness where
is beloved by people beyond generations, by generating memorable experiences with careful consider-
ations of various scenes and people in the place.

FOOʼs design embodies a client's passion and added-value by our refined creation that pursuits of
detail, material, color and shape, based on well-considered functional and zoning solutions.


Weaving Individualities

We ensure a high-level of design quality as a team of FOO,
at the same time, we value our designer's individuals.

Each designer cultivates its individuality by learning from various encounters through experences of
its own.We continue to generate creative design through our daily new findings, and sometime by
weaving each designer's individuality.






2-3-4 Daiba, Minato-ku Tokyo 135-8622, Japan

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